What is a fanatic?  Should a Christina be an extremist?  Obviously using a sword to preach is wrong.  We all have to choose.  It is our decision through God’s grace.  But we should also be serious about our faith.  So we should be fanatics, extremists.  But these days, words can be as sharp as swords and pierce through body like bullets.  When people attack your faith, what is your reaction?  How should one react when you are being trampled on?  Our weapon is not logic, or strong arguments.  It is love.  Just as Jesus loved and showed us love, we should do the same.  We should be fanatics and extremists who use love to smother our enemies.  So much God’s love over them, that they are no longer enemies.  Maybe they’ll change, maybe not.  It is between them and God.  All we can do is love.  This is gonna be tough.  But I’ll try, for God’s sake.


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